Victor DesRoches

Stuff I Build

I build stuff when I want it exactly the way I want it and no one makes it that way, or when I can't afford to buy it, or when I want to make sure it's built right. Hopefully, some of the stuff I build will be around longer than I am...and I plan to be around a long time.

Before I went to college, I worked many years as a welder and pipefitter. I didn't get into working much with wood until I started playing guitar seriously and wanted very specific guitars that no one was making, or wanted to modify guitars I had that didn't quite fit.

When I built an art studio for my wife, I was surprised how similar guitar making is to building a structure...the framing, the skin, the wiring.

In 2020, I moved to Eugene, where there is a lot of water. I have always been enamored of boats, especially rowboats, and I have wanted to learn to sail my whole life. I now have a rowboat/sailboat that fits inside my van.